This brief introductory workshop introduces participants to a new way of understanding
themselves and others. They learn to communicate more effectively and work with
others more harmoniously and productively. Participants will learn ways to apply True
Colors® to better address a variety of issues we all face; from feeling good about
ourselves to improving our personal and work relationships.

This interactive seminar is customized to the needs of your team.  Whether existing or
newly formed, team members learn how to bring out the best in each other, how each
member's primary color - and a representation of all colors - is important to the team's
success, and how to bring up your paler colors for the benefit of the team's goals.

Leaning about essential leadership qualities, exploring the differences between
management and leadership, and discovering the role of relationships on leadership
are just a few of the key elements of this program, Participants will determine their own
"core" leadership style, how they can adjust or improve their leadership behaviors and
address areas of needed improvement.
True Colors Workshops
TRUE COLORS™                                                (WORKSHOPS COMING SOON)

This instructional and interactive seminar gives educators specific techniques to reach all student personality styles.  
Teachers gather tools that help to create a classroom climate where each student  has a successful learning
experience.  This seminar is especially helpful for alternative schools, schools wanting to change, and connect with
students who are not achieving.
TRUE COLORS™                                                (WORKSHOPS COMING SOON)

Everyone agrees that communication is a key factor for success in any environment where two or more people are
interacting.  True Colors can be used as a guide to the choice of words and presentation techniques that will help to
make the communication process easier and more effective.   Individuals can be trained to speak and respond in ways
which best fit the needs of each of the personality types being addressed.  In True Communication you will learn how to
improve their personal performance through effective communication.
TRUE COLORS™                                                (WORKSHOPS COMING SOON)

The subject of Conflict Management is diverse and complex.  Designed by professional mediators, this seminar just
touches the surface of the intricaciesk, but applying True Colors give the poarticipants skills to use in deflecting conflict,
handling it as it moves through stages of intensity, and recognizing signs of potential problems with concrete steps to
****Continueing Education Unit (CEU) credits****

CEU credits can be obtained within some associations and affiliations.
(ie., Teachers, Administrators, Human Resources, Counselors, etc.)

Please inquire if you are interested in the ability to obtain CEU credits for True Colors workshops